Because, aviously…

Apple unveiled their iWatch yesterday *yawn*.

I remember when I used to watch the Apple Conferences and announcements with excitement, waiting to see what new device and technology they were going to roll out.

From the iPods to the iPads, their were some pretty cool devices, and advancements in technology. But that has long gone out the window.

The latest iPhone was years behind Android….yesterday they announced Apple TV advancements…and by advancements I mean “they lowered the price of their old one and didn’t come out with a new one”, as it continues to fall behind the Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and even Chromecast.

And of course the big one for the day, the one everyone was waiting on, the Apple iWatch. Coming years behind Android Wear watches rolled out, and half a year after my favorite (the Moto 360) came out.


But with the announcements yesterday, there are two points that needs to be focused on:

  • The Price: The base model is $349 with the “Sport Edition” at $399 — This is $100 more expensive then the Moto 360, and equivalent to some of the higher end Samsung models —— It is also the same price as some of the iPads…are we at the point where the simple smart watch costs as much as a tablet?
  • Weight: One of the things I was worried about with my watch was “Size” and “Weight”, because if you’ll have it on your wrist all day you’d like it to be comfortable.
    They didn’t yet announce the weight of the standard watch…yet the sports edition will be “30% lighter”.
    This to me translates as: Standard will be at least 30% too heavy…with the 360, the cheaper it was, the lighter it was…as the weight came from metal vs. leather.

Good luck Apple, and all you Apple $$$ wasters. Here is yet another product behind in times, and overpriced.

And don’t even get me started on the “new Macbook”.

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