Because, aviously…

I am a big supporter of law enforcement and the NYPD. They do a great overall job getting it done. But when I needed them this past weekend, they failed pretty badly.

Saturday night at 11:15PM we suddenly heard loud voices in our driveway.
For context, we have a full length driveway, plus a garage behind the house.
Looking out the windows I saw a group of 4 guys smoking and talking loud, and heading towards the back of the house…where we have had break-ins in the past.

So at 11:16PM I called 9-1-1, and asked for the NYPD to stop by. They asked if I saw any drugs or weapons and, being the stupid person I am, I told them that it didn’t appear like their was.

As I watched out the window, I saw a few more people emerging from behind the house, and the group was now up to 8 guys.

The larger the group got, the rowdier they got, including horsing around near the cars in the driveway (mine and my neighbors) and urinating against the houses.

BTW, the cops still haven’t arrived.

At 11:25PM the group walked out of the driveway and into the street, at this point I noticed a 9th guy and a girl come out of the driveway…so who knows what they were doing down there…as they had been up against my house and I couldn’t see them from the windows.

And by 11:30PM the group had fully dispersed, with no sign of our boys in blue.

At 11:46PM, 30-minutes after the initial call was made, two cop cars (with two officers in each) pulled up outside, and I went down to talk to them.

They were extremely apologetic, and said that it had been a shift change, so their wasn’t anyone available to come quicker.

This is very good to know…especially since I am the furthest block from my precinct (2 miles away), although their is a precinct or two closer to me…criminals should do their actions at 11PM, since no one is apparently around at that time, so you have a few minutes to do your deeds and get lost.

After this was over I went back and looked at security footage of it all, and with the help of some coworkers, saw a nice “exchange” of some sort that happened before they came into the driveway, in which money definitely changed hands.

The NYPD needs to implement staggered shift changes, so that everyone isn’t off the streets at the same time…and if they already do this, then it doesn’t work very well.

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