Because, aviously…

Vessel is a new video streaming service that launched early this morning at Vessel.com.

The service has videos from free sites (such as YouTube and the likes), but also will have exclusive videos a few days before they are available elsewhere online.
These videos will come from YouTube, Buzzfeed, CollegeHumor and many more providers.

The fee for this site is only $2.99 a month, but you probably have the same thoughts as me: “What do I possibly need this for?” or “Couldn’t I just wait a day or two and see it for free?”

Well, luckily for both of us, if you sign up in the next couple of days you will get a free year-membership, with no strings attached (aka: no CC required)!

So with the mindset of “If it’s free, I’ll take three” I signed up this morning and will maybe give it a test run over the next few days…but in reality since my college days are long over I haven’t gone on a “YouTube binge watch” in a long time, and don’t see myself starting again any time soon.
If I do, a better review should follow.


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