Because, aviously…

I am a casual user of Citi Bike, using it less than 10 days a year.  Because of that there was no justification for me to buy the $99 yearly membership.

But I did, because it made it convenient for when I needed to shoot across town. In all cases that I used it, if I hadn’t had a membership, I would not have paid for a one time use code…I’d have just walked or taken MTA or even an Uber.

With the prices skyrocketing to obscene levels for the average user, the only ones who will continue paying yearly are those who take it daily from Penn Station/Ferry terminals to work.

Yearly is now $150 (plus tax, coming into the $160s) which would equal 15 days of usage for me a year, and that just ain’t happening.

I’m sure I am an anomaly and not the typical yearly user, but how many people will renew without realizing the 150% price?

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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