Because, aviously…

Last year I gave a full rundown and review of my car on it’s one-year anniversary/birthday.

Well today Mirage turns 2 years old 🙂 and she couldn’t be finer. Still working like it did on Day 1, I figured I’d update my review and see what things changed, or I’ve gotten used to.

2013 Honda CR-V

Cooling/Heating System – It may still be weak, but I have mastered the system a little better, to get the car to a more reasonable temperature in a decent time frame. No more driving all the way to work without heat this past winter.

Headlights – Just as worthless as day 1. Very dim and not much range on them for the road use. Although they are clearly on, as they reflect off of street signs three blocks away. I’ll also make note that the turn signals are extremely bright, and can light up a graveyard with ease.

Gas mileage – I’m very happy with my mileage on the car. A few months ago I stopped with the “Econ Assist” mode, since all it did was take away the ‘kick’ I needed when getting on a highway, and mileage wasn’t that great with it on (maybe due to having to press on the gas harder to get up to speed?). Even with it off now, I average about 21MPG, which is the same as I did after year 1, and I am now roughly double the miles (which means my driving habits haven’t changed).

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