Because, aviously…

Yesterday I was listening to the radio and one of the talking heads was talking about the “end of cash as we know it”. That paper cash will be gone and fully replaced by smart devices, such as Credit Cards and Smartphones.

The radio host was saying that this would lead to the decrease of jobs that work off of tips, as with no paper cash, what are you going to give them? These jobs include valets and waiters, who depend on that single pulled out of your pocket and handed to them.

Now this seems like a valid argument, but I am going to argue that their is always a solution to these issues, and my case is: Starbucks.

I’ve been using the Starbucks app for a few years, which allows me to pay via my smartphone and an app, instead of using cash or a Starbucks card. The app draws money from my bank account to replenish itself, and is as simple as scanning at the cash register.

Recently (or at least that I noticed it) they added a tipping feature. After you pay it gives me a notification with clickable options, to tip .50, $1.00 or $2.00 (I believe), and you can give other amounts as well.
I don’t know how this factors into the barista’s tips, and how the company doles it out, but hopefully they get it just the same as if I put a bill in the bowl.

If other companies would follow their lead and build tips into their apps, or if the credit card apps, such as Android Pay and Apple Pay, allowed a tipping option, or an altering of your payment (in a +$), tipping wouldn’t disappear.

And even better, going back to my topic a few days ago on NFC, what if I can just tap my phone to the valets, and send him the money, fast and simply, or even to a receiver in the garage or at the restaurant, so that they can receive my money.

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