Because, aviously…

The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off in Canada over the weekend, and the US women kick off their campaign today.

The World Cup is spaced out across Canada for the matches, with six “Host Cities”, which are Edmonton, Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

Most host nations do this, spreading it out across the county, to show off the lands to the foreigners, as well as bring tourism to the whole country.

But with the stadiums so far apart it leads to a lot of jet lag for some teams leading up to some of the big games, as the Semi-Finals are in Montreal and Edmonton, with the Final in Vancouver, which would give a slight advantage to those playing in Edmonton.
That’s a 1:30 flight vs. a 5:15 flight.
The only thing is that the Montreal match is a day before the Edmonton match, giving them the extra day to get over the jet lag.

Regardless, let’s go USA!!!! FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 is underway 🙂

PS. Alex Morgan and the flying headband, will hopefully stay healthy…


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