Because, aviously…

Over the weekend I finished reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, and found it to be another stellar book by the author.

an abundance of katherines

The story is about Colin, a child prodigy, who has a tendency to only date girls named Katherine, and spends the book working on his Theorem that shows the bell curve of a relationship from start to finish.

His theorem works on factors such as Popularity, Attractiveness, Age, Dumper vs. Dumpee, and Introvert vs Extrovert.an abundance of katherines formulaYou can actually test the formula here.

The book itself gets an 8.5 out of 10.

As for the life lesson:

The book focuses on the factor of Dumper vs Dumpee, and one thing that I’ve thought about while reading it is how the “Dumper” shouldn’t get the same luxuries and privileges as the “Dumpee”.
While the pain may feel equal on both sides of the dumping (yeah, weird word to use…but I’m sticking with it) the Dumper should lose their rights to certain functions of the breakup.

One of those things that they should lose privilege of is the typical breakup songs, in particular the top one these days, Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”.

Ultimately, if you are the one causing the pain, you don’t get to “Prove I’m alright”…you were the one who said something so you don’t get “All those things I didn’t say, wrecking balls inside my brain”, because let’s be real, you said what you wanted to say, and it led to where you are now.

Join the bell curve, and don’t be a dumper.

an abundance of katherines bell curve

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