Because, aviously…

I am not going to name the store, because while they did do horrible things, they don’t deserve a public naming (in private I’d call them out in a heartbeat).

Here are a few stories that happened, all in the same pizza shop, over the last few days:

  • The manager (henceforth labeled “George”) talking to a worker about he isn’t going to pay her for two days of the week, because of XX, YY, and ZZ. This is while he’s standing at the cash register.
    I think there are probably better places to have that conversation.
  • Huge line waiting to pay, but George keeps taking phone calls. He’s the only cashier.
  • George smokes in the store.
  • George likes listening to cantoral music on his phone. Out loud. And sings along with it.
  • One of his workers (let’s call him “Javier”) is clearly incompetent. But he’s in charge of the pizza oven.
    For example: Someone ordered three slices of pizza, to go. He was handed three separate paper bags…leaving the customer to stack them when he left in order to hold them all. When Javier was asked why he didn’t just use a box, he said: “Oh. I didn’t think of it.”
  • On two different occasions George was arguing with customers over the prices of items. Using lines like: “Here, let me print you a receipt, and show you”…but then still giving them the price they had said it should be.
    Mind you, this store does NOT have prices posted.
    I went there a few times, and was charged two different prices for the same slice of pizza…maybe there was a lunch special in effect one of those times? I’ll never be sure, because…NO SIGNS.
  • Javier was asked: “Is the pizza cheesy?”…to which he replied: “No, we only have what you see here.”…this was repeated multiple times before the person gave up and went to order a falafel instead.

There are more stories, but I’m gonna stop at that…mind you I was only at this store 3 times.

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