Because, aviously…

I went ahead and bought myself the Adventure Pass which included four items (first four below) and saved money on each one by buying them together.

The Pass also comes with a 48-hour WeGo Bus Pass allowing you to get around town easier. The buses run more frequently in the summer, and were slightly sporadic as I stood waiting for them.

Hornblower Cruises
We all know the famous “Maid of the Mist” boat, but on the Canadian side it has been taken over by Hornblower Cruises. It’s the same trip, albeit slightly closer to the Horseshoe Falls, and was a lot of fun. You want to be on the left side of the boat as it goes out (as that will give you better views of the American and Bridal Veil Falls) but unless the boat is packed like sardines, you can generally find a place once the mist starts blowing and people move off the rails.
Once the water gets cold for the winter the mist gets to be biting.Hornblower Cruises

Journey Behind The Falls
This takes you in the tunnels behind the Horseshoe Falls, and lets you walk out next to the falls. You may feel the spray of the Falls both at the tunnel mouths as well as on the deck, depending on the winds and force of the Falls (varies by time of year).
Journey Behind The Falls

Niagara’s Fury
This is a short animated show, teaching the history of the Falls, including the creation and how it has moved miles over the years. It ends with you getting a 4D show of going through the rapids and over the Falls.
Don’t let the show fool you, make sure to wear that poncho!Niagara's Fury

White Water Walk
Honestly, this was the most fun part of my trip.
The walk takes you on a 1/4 mile walk down alongside the Class 6 rapids of the Niagara River. At the end of the boardwalk you can walk down right to the waterside, and feel the splash of the river as it blows by.

Casino Niagara
This one obviously isn’t child friendly, nor is it friendly to your wallet if you aren’t that good. But playing Poker and 21 at the tables there is a lot of fun, especially with the personalities of the dealers and the “regulars” at the table.
Casino Niagara Chip

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