Because, aviously…

The NYPD tries hard to do their jobs, they really do. But often faults and mistakes come down to the lack of communication between the officers and the public they serve.

For example this story from my Tuesday:

I was driving down 48th Street in Manhattan, and I was told that I couldn’t go thru past 6th Avenue further East towards 5th Avenue.
It’s not that traffic wasn’t allowed on the block…they were allowing cars to turn off 6th onto 48th, just no thru traffic.
So I pulled up next to the officer and asked: “Where can I go to thru to the East Side?”
The response? “Sir, you have to turn onto 6th.”
Regardless how I asked the question, he wouldn’t answer, forcing me to turn North on 6th.

So I proceeded to the next Eastward block, 50th Street, only to get stopped by a cop there too.
“Sir, you can’t turn off 6th onto 50th.” Apparently they weren’t allowing turns, only thru traffic.
When I asked her the same question: “Can you at least tell me how far up I have to go before I go East?”
I would only get the answer of “You have to keep moving, and you can’t turn here.”

I understand. You have a job to do, namely ‘control traffic on that block’.

But if you are creating a detour, someone needs to have instructions as to where the traffic is supposed to go.

You are dealing with a city that ALWAYS has too much traffic in it, at a time of year when there is an overabundance of unnecessary traffic, simply to see a tree. If you don’t want madness and mayhem, then you have to have a plan in place, and proper communication to keep traffic moving.
Rerouting and random turning points, with no set destination or plan being made public, just leads to added traffic, and confused drivers.

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