Because, aviously…

We’ve all watched Gordon Ramsay rule his kitchen, and a lot of us have read Kitchen Confidential by Chef Anthony Bourdain.
But Burnt turns the heat up, and gives us an inside look at the pressures a chef faces on his journey to be the best.

Bradley Cooper plays Chef Adam Jones as he goes on his quest to receive his third Michelin Star.
The Stars are awarded by unidentified inspectors, who can show up at any time, and fail you for the slightest of mishaps.
For comparison, Chef Ramsay currently holds 14 Stars, with Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road (in Chelsea, London) holding a 3-star rating since 2001.

Adam Jones faces the pressures of reopening a restaurant, bringing in the top sous chefs to help him, and shoot down his competitors, reviewers, and of course keep a close eye out for that imperfect dish that could destroy a potential Star.

This movie also stars Sienna Miller (American Sniper), Daniel Bruhl (Inglorious Bastards), Uma Thurman and Emma Thompson.

Overall this movie puts in a very solid performance, and is a 7 out of 10.

Burnt Poster

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