Because, aviously…

Spotify finally kicked their Android app a notch.

As someone with an Android phone that finally has a Micro-SD slot, I’d always wanted to use it to store my few gigabytes of mobile music on, which thanks to Spotify I was able to save for offline play.

But Spotify was always weird. Wherever the app initially installed is where the music got stored and if you tried to move it off the phone to the SD card, it wouldn’t allow it.

Many forums had backdoor methods to do it, including clearing the app and reinstalling. Making sure the card had more room free than the phone. Etc. Etc. But regardless what was tried, it would always install on my phone. And I gave up after a while.

With the Android update this week, Spotify settings finally allowed that transfer to the SD card!

While my phone (and SD card) are both overly large, and have plenty of space on them, it’s nice to be able to move the music over.

Spotify Logo

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