Because, aviously…

Yesterday, March 31st, was World Backup Day, a day to remind people to back up all their items before the hijinks of April Fools…and a day for Western Digital and their friends to sell more hard drives.

Among things to backup is your computer and all its files (documents, music and anything else you’d miss if it all crashed tomorrow), and the less thought of one: Your online accounts.

What happens if your Google gets hacked, and instead of sending out Spam emails they simply deleted everything? Contacts…Photos….Emails….Everything.

Well Google can help you download archives of all your stuff, which you can save to other places (obviously not to your Google Drive, because that may be pointless) such as Dropbox, OneDrive or a local hard drive (kept in a fireproof box for added safety?).

HERE is the link to Google Archives (which works if you are already signed into your account). It is located in your Google Account, under Personal Info & Privacy.

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