Because, aviously…

Deadbeat smoked out their third season last week, and had Kal Penn joining Tyler Labine, who is the show frontrunner.


The show features Pac (Labine), a medium who helps ghosts move into their lights.
While Seasons 1 and 2 had Lucy DeVito as his sidekick/motivator, Clyde (Penn) takes that spot over as they become best friends in prison during the Season 3 opener.

Pot jokes power this show, and it wasn’t coincidental that this season dropped on 4/20.
Meanwhile the rest of it is raunchy and humorous, and definitely an adult show.

Season 3 is not quite binge worthy, and doesn’t flow well enough to sit down and watch the 13-episodes straight, even though the whole season totals just under 5-hours.

It’s good, not great. A fun laugh and enjoyable show. Overall it gets a 7 out of 10.

deadbeat season 3

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