Because, aviously…

Jobs are no longer 9-5, and more people need to realize that.

I know that my work hours are extremely abnormal (4AM-Noon), but more and more people are working crazy hours, without even acknowledging that it’s okay to be outside of ‘9-5’.

Think about it a little:
A Dr. or Surgeon, who is on-call all hours of the night.
PAs and Nurses doing their time on the overnights.
Accountants working until 1AM (or later) during tax time to get things done.
Lawyers staying late night after night preparing for their cases.
Chef/Cooks who do dinner service are there well into the morning hours.

Sure, there are plenty of examples of standard 9-5 jobs. But please, look at the field you are heading into and see how many people there are working the classic American hours.

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