Because, aviously…

It’s next summer and Red Oaks Country Club is kicking off another year of tennis, golf, and hijinks.

David (Craig Roberts) is still seeing Skye (Alexandra Socha), Wheeler may still be seeing Misty (Alexandra Turshen) and Mr. Getty still hates David and is facing Guiliani’s wrath.

Love is in the air, children are studying for their SATs, things are progressing (and regressing) in relationships, and David’s Dad (Sam) has a cat while his Mom (Judy) is chasing women.

Karen and Barry’s wedding date is fast approaching and so is the deadline for Wheeler to properly learn how to mix a drink for Herb, while Nash deals with a women search after his divorce.

Season 2 is packed full of goodness as long time actors Paul Reiser, Richard Kind and Jennifer Grey all help move this show along continuing its great pace and enjoyment.

Season 2 of Red Oaks gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Red Oaks Season 2 Poster

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