Because, aviously…

This weekend marks the final race for legendary driver Tony Stewart, who I’ve been a fan of for 13+ years.

This week I visited Richmond International Raceway, the home of Tony’s first ever win in 1999.

Richmond International Raceway

Open during regular business hours (8:30AM-5PM) the track gives out free tours, and to take you around their large facility they take you out in their replica pace car.

Richmond International Raceway Pace Car

The .75 of a mile track sits on a huge footprint of land that features warehouses that host programs on the weekends, such as local gun shows.
When first formed the area was home to the Richmond Fairgrounds and the wrought iron fence as you enter the grounds is still engraved with “Strawberry Hill”, whose steeplechase horse races were held there until 2001.

I got to see the front stretch as well as came through the truck entrance to the pit area and got a close up look at Victory Lane.Richmond International Raceway Victory Lane

So if you are swinging through Richmond make sure to make a pit stop at RIR for a quick look at the track.

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