Because, aviously…

Yup, the game came out 15+ months ago, but I finally got around to playing it so here are my thoughts:

The Gameplay experience is a step up from previous games, as performing in front of a “Live Crowd” and hearing them react to wrong notes is a lot more fun than just a generic background.

Meanwhile, the Setlist was pretty decent, with three songs from the 1900s and then a nice mix of 2000s and 2010s, as well as a range of styles from Indie to Metal.

But then you turn to the controller, and where all the issues begin:

  • Personally I’d prefer a wired controller for this sort of game because the wireless one doesn’t work great.
    With the dongle plugged in behind my Xbox (in an open area) it wouldn’t read all the signals, and when moved to the side USB port I experienced better results, but still an occasional missed note.
  • To that effect, the brand new controller I got was defective, with the downwards clicker only working 50% of the time. This was tested out of game as well, with generic scrolling through menus…up worked fine, down was spotty.
  • New controls: Changing from the original five colored keys they moved to six Black and White keys, three up-three down, this up/down black/white style sometimes made it difficult to read on the screen (especially when using a “Power Up” and you’d have blue flashes across the screen). The clunky controls, with a line in between up and down, made it more difficult to do “combos” in which they wanted you to hit both at once with the same finger.

This game is overall pretty bad and gets a 4.5 out of 10, I’d go for one of the older ones…if they worked on the One.

Guitar Hero Live Poster

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