Because, aviously…

Time for a little game of Internet ABCs. This allows people to get to learn other people’s habits, dirty secrets, and favorite websites.

The game is simple enough: Go to your regular browser (in my case Google Chrome) and in your search/URL bar type in a letter of the alphabet. The first thing that comes up on the AutoFill is your selection for that letter…go through your A to Zs and let’s see what you come up with!

My list has lots of Google products, a few shopping sites, sports from all sides and some random sites (United) for letters that don’t get used much.

A: Accuweather.com
B: BarstoolSports.com
C: Celayix1/webx – Work schedule intranet
D: Drive.Google.com
E: ESPN.com
F: FanDuel.com
G: Gmail.com
H: Hulu.com
I: iAmAviG.com – Shocker, right?
J: JWed.com
K: Keep.Google.com
L: LandsEnd.com
M: Maps.Google.com
N: NHL.com
O: OneDrive.com
P: Photos.Google.com
Q: QuiBids.com
R: RunYourPool.com
S: Smile.Amazon.com
T: TVNewser.com
U: United.com
V: VerizonWireless.com
W: Woot.com
X: Xbox.com
Y: YouTube.com
Z: Zillow.com

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