Because, aviously…

One of the downsides for having a MetroCard in NYC is that people need to wait in line to refill them…or they swipe and it says the dreaded “Insufficient Fare”.

But none of that should be a problem if you subscribe to “EasyPay Xpress”. The card automatically refills when it drops below a certain level, and you still get the 5% bonus that standard users get.

So now when you swipe it’ll just say “Go” and you never have to wonder if you have enough left for a ride back home.

EasyPay Xpress also gets you deals and discounts across the city. These discounts include:

  • $10 off at Madame Tussauds
  • 25% off at the Star Wars Discovery Center (although if it’s anything like some of their other exhibits, I would stay far away even if it’s free)
  • 30% off at Perfect Crime
  • And MORE

Also, if you lose the card they will cancel the old one and send you a new one with the full remaining balance on it!

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