Because, aviously…

ParkNYC is New York City evolving into the tech world, and by the end of Summer 2017 is supposed to be at all Muni-Meter locations in the 5-boroughs.

At the moment it’s mostly situated around Manhattan and hasn’t fully spread to the outer boroughs, but they promise that it’s going to happen in the near future.

When you pull into a metered spot in NYC, you log into the app, select the zone you are parking in (displayed on street signs, on the actual muni-meter, and on the map in the app) (and make sure to select your zone and not the one across the street or around the corner), and put “money in the meter”.

The trick will be to just put in the minimal amount, and keep extending until you leave so that you don’t overpay…but unlike a standard meter, or the current muni-meters, you can’t extend beyond the “Parking Limit”. And to help enforce that, you won’t be able to ‘park again’ in the same zone within a 30-minute window from when your max time runs out.

While you currently need to display a little ticket in your window, showing what you paid for, you won’t need anything in your car when you pay with ParkNYC. When the meter-agent pulls up the zone, it will show them license plates for cars that are currently parked there….and vice versa for when they pull up your license, it will tell them what zone you are currently paying in.
I think this does make it harder on them to walk around and look in windshields since they have to pull up your info to check if you paid…but on the flip side, the horse cops and interceptors can just drive by and never have to peek into your vehicle from their high mounts.

The app is currently available for Android and iOS.

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