Because, aviously…

Crossowords With Friends is the latest Zynga word experience to hit mobile devices, and it’s a fun play…for a few minutes.

I’ve had the game for a couple of days, and am hit with a problem. They give you a daily puzzle for free…but it only takes me about four and a half minutes to finish it…so of course I head to the calendar and play older puzzles.

But like most games, older puzzles aren’t free and cost “10 coins” a piece. Thankfully they start you off with a nice sum of coinage, but it wasn’t long until I plowed through all of that too
It’s only been since the weekend, and I’m already 88 puzzles in (thankfully they let you earn coins as well).

The good news is, while all of them are Entertainment themed, due to a partnership with “People”, there is also a daily overall theme, and don’t let the names fool you…the clues and puzzles are just way too simple, regardless what day of the week it is.

  • People Sunday
  • Movie Monday
  • TV Tuesday
  • Wayback Wednesday
  • Top 40 Thursday
  • Sports Fan Friday
  • Smartypants Saturday

The app is available now on Android and iOS.

One thought on “Crosswords With Friends

  1. netterpepper says:

    Keeps saying can’t download from sever so I only got to play part of the day nothing for past few hours now

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