Because, aviously…

Paramore has taken a turn, and after bursting onto the scene with their first two albums, and their highest charted alt song of Misery Business, they leveled off into comfortable ground on their next two albums, producing great music across the sounds from The Only Exception to Ain’t It Fun.
But now comes their latest album, After Laughter, with sounds of the 80s mixed throughout.

On my first listen-throughs, I enjoyed the early single of Hard Times, but it was the album’s third and fourth songs that pulled me in.
Told You So is a catchy tune (video below) and Forgiveness may be the one that got me hooked and starting to feel the changed tunes of Paramore.

And you, you want forgiveness
(I can barely hang on to myself)
But I, I can’t give you that
And you, you want forgiveness
(I’m afraid that I’ll have nothing left)
But I, I just can’t do it yet

I still go back and listen Brick by Boring Brick and That’s What You Get, but I don’t know just yet that any of these songs will crack my “Paramore” playlist.
(Yeah, I have playlists with top songs from most of my artists…that sounds like an idea for another string of posts…)

I wish they had crushcrushcrush’d it with this album, but it’s still a solid 7.5 out of 10.

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