Because, aviously…

New York City is adding compost pickup days to each neighborhood one at a time.

They have been kind enough to provide each house with a tiny indoor bin and an outdoor can with a clamp to keep the raccoons and possums out.

But with every plan there’s a lot of flaws in it…I’ll use my neighborhood as an example.
We currently have regular and recycling pickup on Wednesdays, and regular pickup on Saturdays.
They are adding the compost pickup to Wednesday recycling days…which means that instead of four trucks coming down the block (regular + recycling, one each for each side of the street), there will now be six trucks coming down and clogging the blocks.

Why not add compost to the other day, when you have fewer trucks on the street?

And on that note, New York City already has a bad reputation for garbage bags piling up on the streets.
In front of my house on a recycling day, I have four cans, plus whatever folded boxes we have tied up.
Now on top of two regular cans, a metal recycling can, a paper recycling can, and now two of these compost cans…no room left for people or carriages to walk down the sidewalks with all of that in the way.

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