Because, aviously…

NYC is trying to embrace carsharing, and the way they are approaching it is to make it more easily accessible to people.

Currently, you need to go to a local parking garage or some random location where they have the cars stored, and since you have to walk medium distances to get to them, people are less likely to use them.

The new idea is a 2-year pilot program that will take away parking spaces from the already limited spots on the city streets.
Where Zipcar and Enterprise need you to go round-trip and return the vehicle to the same location, this may open the door more for the “as you need it” companies like Car2Go and ReachNow, that let you park it where you want, within their zones.

The city is giving two spots on the corners of some streets in regular residential/alternate-side parking areas, as well as 10% of parking spots in municipal lots, to be designated as “No Standing” zones, unless you belong to a carshare.

After the two year test run the city will reevaluate if they want to keep the program going or even expand to more areas.

This program is set to launch sometime this Fall.

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