Because, aviously…

Dear NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio,

This idea of charging some New Yorkers more money on taxes in exchange for the low income getting half-priced fares is just unfair.

We are all stuck in this over-congested city, suffering from the same terrible subway service, and it just isn’t fair that some people should pay less for the “right” to ride those homeless infused germ boxes.

If there’s going to be a new or raised tax to help fund the MTA, then all New Yorkers should benefit from it.

Instead of yearly fare increases, halt them for a few years…or if you insist on a discount, then lower the prices by 25-50 cents. This would result in more people using the subway, bringing in more money for the failing-MTA.

You may have been our Mayor for four years, and you may be about to be re-elected for four more, but don’t mistake that for “General Approval”.

Lowering the cost of a subway ride would win you a lot of thumbs up from both sides of the aisle.


New Yorkers

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