Because, aviously…

Belmont Park is an amusement park on the beach, that is fun for all ages.

From an NYC perspective, it was basically the Coney Island/Luna Park of San Diego, with rides and amusements right there alongside the beach and water.

The rides include roller coasters, multiple styles of bumper cars, and a lot of kids rides.
My favorite was the “Krazy Kars”, a type of bumper car with no steering wheel, but instead a pair of levers, one for each side of the vehicle, allowing you to go full force forward, or some good tight spins.

The park also has an array of attractions, such as Laser Tags and Mazes, a rock climbing wall, and a full arcade, as well as your typical carnival games lining the walkways.

Some of the other key features include a zip line, which was closed the day I was there, and they were nice enough to give me a $10 arcade card instead, to go with the full wristband included in my Go Card.

While they sell the aforementioned full admission bands, they also have some things on their property that isn’t included, such as the latest fad, “Escape the Room”, known here as Escapology, giving you one hour to solve puzzles and break out of the scenario.

I also enjoyed the Tiki Town Adventure Golf, a tiki-themed mini golf course, filled with bumps, windmills, and Par 3’s.

Two last nice features, from a tourist perspective, is that most of the things in SD are closed by 5 or 6PM, and Belmont Park extends into the nighttime hours even during the week. They also feature a nice size parking lot, free of charge.

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