Because, aviously…

So in Part 1 I spoke about the great variety of animals at SeaWorld, but that’s only half of what there is to have when visiting, as their park is littered with rides and shows, all included in your admission price.

I am going to divide this into three parts…Shows, Rides, and Feedings.
With each of these, I can only touch on what I did and experienced so some things might be Halloween themed, or just not something I did.


  • Dolphin Days – I think dolphins are one of the more talented animals that a show can offer, with flips, “tail waves”, swimming backward above the water, and just being playful with their trainers. This show also adds in Pilot Whales and seeing these large creatures breach the water is a great sight.
    On a really hot day, sitting in those front rows is a real splash, and people are quickly scurrying to the back rows after getting soaked early on in the program.
  • Orca Encounter – The Killer Whales, made famous by Free Willy (or more recently Blackfish), are in a new large theater, and while waiting for the show to start, the animals like to hover at the top of the water and watch the screen showing clips of whales. It’s like a drive-in theater for whales!
    Similarly, you’ll have splash rows at this show, and a viewing stage front and center that’s placed much better than where the dolphins’ stage is
  • Sea Lions Live – A fun story featuring a pair of Sea Lions, and their Otter friend, include the usual Sea Lion shenanigans of carrying a ball on their nose, barking at the audience, and just playing around
  • They also have a “Pets Rule” and “Sea Rescue” show, which I didn’t fit into my schedule.


  • Bayside Skyride – A three-minute ride over one of the coves of Mission Bay, shows beautiful views and the former Orca exhibit
  • Skytower – Everything in San Diego has outstanding views, it’s just the nature of the city, and this one is no different, rising high above the center of the park in a slowly rotating tower car
  • Shipwreck Rapids – Get in a nine-seat hard tube and rush down a winding river, with soaking wet rapids and a waterfall. You WILL get wet on this ride, and when the weather is hot, it’s super enjoyable!
  • Other rides include:
    • Wild Arctic – A flight simulator over the Arctic Circle showing you up the area in close and personal
    • Journey to Atlantis – Your typical log flume
    • Manta Roller Coaster – a Multi-Launch roller coaster that takes deep dives just like a ray under water. The ride also goes through the ray pool (in a glass enclosure).


  • Sea Lions – Buy a little french fry holder of four fish and feed the barking Sea Lions. It may not seem like it’s worth the money, but it definitely is. The Sea Lions will beg for your attention and wave for you to throw your fish their way. There is also something satisfying with fending off the aggressive birds who try to rip the food out of your hands
  • Bat Rays – These guys have a mouth under their body, and with the food in your hand, they’ll glide over and vacuum it straight out

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