Because, aviously…

The San Diego Zoo is one of the more talked about zoos in the country, alongside The Bronx Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Zoo Miami, and the National Zoo.

Here are some of the highlights of the animals of the zoo. Part 2 will have the attractions and best path to take thru the busy zoo:

  • Orangutan Trail – With really tall climbing towers giving these animals a chance to show off, the birthday celebration was an added bonus. For one of the babies birthdays, they gave them streamers, allowing them to have some fun
  •  Panda Walk – They make you walk through a full exhibit before you see the stars (which can be annoying if you go back a second time to see if they are awake), and I was disappointed due to Mother Nature. The 95-degree day led the Pandas to want to sleep the day away. Next door to them they have other bears, including playful grizzlies
  •  Urban Jungle – Up close and personal with animals of the African Plains, including giraffes and rhinos, zebras and cheetahs (with their dog friends)
  • Outback – Your koalas munching on their eucalyptus leaves
  •  Elephant Odyssey – Their large group of elephants hang around, waiting for their spa treatments, which is touted as “highly enjoyed”. I question if they really like the large metal cages in which they get hosed down…but I digress
  •  Northern Frontier – The arctic animals of the zoo, including the Arctic Fox and Polar Bears
  • Hippo Trail – No babies here like in the Cincinnati Zoo, but still a sight to see swimming thru their pond
  •  Tiger Trail – Take a quick look in here, to see her lounging around
  •  Discovery Outpost – The Children’s portion of the zoo…which I missed due to poor signage. I went looking for it, but I think it was just a drop further than I wanted to give it…so I don’t know much about it

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