Because, aviously…

The Weatherman Umbrella, designed by Fox News meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, is the last umbrella you’ll ever need to buy…but you don’t need to trust me with that, the details speak for themselves:

  • Strong – No more umbrellas turning inside out in the wind, as this bad boy can withstand 55-MPH winds
  • Safe – A reflective strip surrounds this umbrella so that cars can see you walking in the rain, trying to hail that elusive cab
  • Dry – With a quick drying fabric, no need to leave it sitting in a corner drying for more than a minute or two
  • Tracking – Never lose your umbrella again, with an addable tracking chip (included) you can check the app and see where you left it
  • App – Yup, I mentioned an app. The app is designed so that if it’s going to rain, you’ll get a reminder to take the umbrella before you leave the house

The umbrella is available in two models, the collapsible and stick, and a variety of colors from black to orange.

Find out more info on their website!!

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