Because, aviously…

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, located 30+ minutes away from the zoo itself, is less of a “safari park” feel, but more of a “Bronx Zoo” feel, with a lot of walking to be done.

While the Zoo had a large variety of animals, the safari park features a large footprint, with less animals, but a lot of each.

Because of the amount of space that the safari park has, it leaves great plains to look over, with animals roaming and the traditional safari cars to drive through.

The Walking Path here is a lot more laid out than the Zoo, with Numbered posts throughout, and if you follow it from 1 thru 17 you’ll see the whole place.

African Loop – Will take you through the African Woods and Outpost, that includes okapi, flamingoes, and boars

Lion Camp – The lions come right up to the door when the feeders come to visit

Tiger Trail – Most of the trail isn’t worth the time, but when you see her in her element, it’s well worth it, as I caught her cooling off in the wading pool

Elephant Valley – Lots of toys and watering holes for the herd to show off with

Condor Ridge – Under construction due to the Walkabout Australia exhibit being built next door, but if you decide to make the treck up the hill anyway, you’ll be greeted by Condors and Mountain Goats

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