Because, aviously…

Living in New York City, it’s tough to not go to Dunkin Donuts once in a while, and most of them have decent service. Some of them (like the ones in the subways) have problems with stale foods, while others service the Kosher market in NYC.

But one in particular, and not gonna name names here (Store# 351643 – 1775 Coney Island Ave), has been absolutely terrible. Here are the last three times I’ve gone there, and you be the judge if this is how a store should be handling business:

  1. I mobile ordered (“On-The-Go”) a sandwich, hash browns, and a hot chocolate. The order went through and my card was charged. When I arrived at the store I found out they only had the sandwich, with the other items out of stock.
    I asked for my money back on the items they didn’t have…since, you know, you charged me for an item that was out of stock…and was told that “it’s too much of a hassle to refund my order”.
    They then tried to offer me coffee’s and donuts in exchange, none of which I was interested in.
    Instead of giving me my money back they told me to come into the store at a later time to get my other items.
    I tried to get a refund via the app, and there was no option to do that or leave feedback…whereas Starbucks would’ve given me a refund on the spot.
  2. A week later I went back to get the two items owed to me. While I was there I ordered another sandwich from the cashier. The price was 30 cents higher than what I had paid just six days earlier.
    When I asked the cashier about it, they said that the pricing was different in the app then in store…which can seem plausible, except for the fact that the app claims to get the price from whichever store you are ordering from (which they remind you every time you change stores after putting items in your cart).
    Regular stores would’ve offered to adjust the price, they just seemed indifferent to all of it, despite me showing the app to them and having the previous receipt in my hand as well.
  3. I went back yesterday, figuring they’d get better…the app wasn’t letting me order On-The-Go to this location at the time, so I went up to the cashier and ordered two Wake Up Wraps and hashbrowns.
    When the “server” handed me my completed order it only had the Wraps. When I mentioned it to her, she had to go back to my order and realized that she had never even noticed the hashbrowns.

Usually, the third one isn’t isn’t such a big deal, but coming after the first two it just shows a general incompetence of this location.

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