Because, aviously…

Chris Rock is on Netflix for the first of two specials, and he’s on stage in Brooklyn, NY, doing his first special in 10-years.

Chris takes no time to jump right into the topics, from cop shootings and how the blacks are treated by police, to his kids’ high-school orientation. His divorce to his addictions. And of course today’s easiest topic: President Donald Trump.

A relationship is like a band. Sometimes you’re lead, and sometimes you are on tambourine.

But he is no Dave Chappelle, and it’s been a long time since Bigger & Blacker. He just doesn’t get me laughing at any point in this like I expected to.
The second half of the special gets more personal, and semi-deep, almost like Dave in The Bird Revelation, just not as good.

Maybe I just don’t understand Chris Rock’s current comedy, because all the other reviews I read are raving about him, and it just didn’t do it for me.
Funny enough, I got my first real laugh out of this on the second to last line of the special.

Love hard, or get the f**k out.

If you take my opinion on it: Don’t waste your time with this 3.5 out of 10.

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