Because, aviously…

Dave Chappelle is back for a final 2-part Netflix special, dealing with politics, racism, and sexual harassment in Hollywood, and there’s hard to find someone as funny on the stage these days as Chappelle.

I respect everyone. Except the Amish people. cause they are the only ones I can say clearly: Their God is wrong.

One part stand-up comedy, the other a frank speech to the people about how life comes at you fast and need to deal with it, as well as what happened to him that led him to flee to South Africa.

A common misconception about me and DC is that I’m from the hood. I’m not, but I never bothered to correct anybody, because I wanted the streets to embrace me.

From start to finish he brings the truth and humor, and no group is safe from his attacks, including referencing the transgender backlash from his previous special.

As a policy, I never feel bad for anything I say up here.

Dave is great and funny in the first, funny and serious in the second, and this duet of comedic stand-ups from Chappelle are the top that the genre has to offer and gets an 8.5 out of 10.

That Harvey Weinstein stuff could happen to anyone. It could happen to me.
‘Yes Mr. Weinstein, I’m here for my 3AM reading.’

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