Because, aviously…

The Lake Placid Olympic Center is at the heart of Lake Placid NY, and is one of the more historic sites in Team USA lore.

The building is home to the ice rink from the Miracle on Ice when the US Men’s Hockey Team defeated the Soviets in one of the greatest upsets in sports history.
For anyone not familiar with the story, Disney made it into a movie called Miracle, and there’s a great book by Wayne Coffey called The Boys of Winter.

In the lower levels of the building is the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, which houses all sorts of 1980s Olympics material. From hockey to bobsled, and cross-country to figure skating. All the winter gear that Team USA has sported over the decades, replica torches from all the games, and of course Roni the Raccoon, the mascot of the 1980s Olympics.

Next door to the Olympic Rink is a High School. The school was a school until a week before the Olympic games…and was a school again a week after the games…but during the games, it was the media center.
And just outside this building is a track, used for speed skating…outdoors in the elements. I wish we still had stuff like that these days.

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