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NYCFC vs Orlando – Legends

Yesterday I went to watch NYCFC vs Orlando City at Yankee Stadium, as Cyle Larin scored two with an answer from David Villa and a 2-1 loss.

I sat front row in Legends, and as an early attendance gift got a chance to greet the Starting XI as they finished practice.

Clockwise from top left:
Maxi Moralez, Tommy McNamara, Maxime Chanot, David Villa, John Stertzer, Frédéric Brillant, Andrea Pirlo, Jack Harrison

The weather was beautiful, and it’s a shame they lost, but it was a great experience!

After the match, the players came by for autographs and to hand out signed “Mini Soccer Balls” as they do after all home matches.

Clockwise from top left:
David Villa, Sean Johnson, John Stertzer, Maxi Moralez, Ethan White, Miguel Camargo

Olympics Go Live – PyeongChang 2018

The biggest threat that faces NBC every other year during the Olympics is: Spoilers.

And with social media abuzz at every medal and record breaking attempt, it makes it hard for NBC to get people in front of their TVs for their primetime coverage.

But PyeongChang 2018 is going to even the playing field for NBC. With a 13-hour time difference (from the East Coast) the primetime coverage will be the launch of a new day for the Olympics and be able to show off great coverage Live.
This likely also means that the Today Show will be able to cut to live “local Primetime” events.

Meanwhile, in previous years they have done a primetime show live on the East Coast, and then aired it later (in local primetime) across the country. But this time it’ll be shown live across the country…8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific.

And similar to last time, the Olympics can be found on any and every channel owned by NBC and their mobile platforms.
Last summer was found as wide ranged as NBC, NBCSN, USA and CNBC.

Brackets 2017

Let’s be clear: While I follow almost all sports, I honestly don’t understand how people follow college sports.
Unless you went to the school, how do you ‘root for a team’?
You certainly aren’t rooting for the players, who change every year or two…the only thing that people can root for is a coach/system that you want to get behind and hope they succeed.

With all that said and done, today is the start of March Madness…and I’ve entered into a variety of tournaments…all of which are based on pure luck and hopefulness because I have no idea what I’m doing.

I am in three brackets, two Pick 8’s, and two survivor pools. So for those interested in this sort of stuff, here is who I have for the big moments.

– Bracket 1: Duke, Arizona, Louisville, UNC
– Bracket 2: Villanova, Gonzaga, Louisville, UNC
– Bracket 3: Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky

~~For every round they advance you get the points equal to their seed~~
– Set 1: Notre Dame (5), Cincinnati (6), Maryland (6), SMU (6), Miami (8), Wichita State (10), Rhode Island (11), NC Wilmington (12)
– Set 2: SMU (6), Dayton (7), Seton Hall (9), Vanderbilt (9), Marquette (10), Kansas State (11), Middle Tennessee State (12), New Mexico State (14)

~~While sharing my survivor picks now would be futile, as they will update on an almost daily basis, here is who I’m starting out round one with~~
– Set 1: #4 West Virginia, #4 Purdue, #3 Baylor, #3 Oregon, #3 UCLA
– Set 2: #4 Florida, #5 Notre Dame, #6 Cincinnati, #6 Creighton, #5 Iowa State

New York Rangers – All For One — Going Alone To Sporting Events

I’ve talked in the past about going at it alone, whether it’s on vacation or to sporting events.
Sure I’d rather go with people, but sometimes you just want to go to a game that night, and not worry about finding someone to go with.

Well, the New York Rangers are trying to help those looking for last minute and single tickets with their new “All For One” program.

The idea is simple: A few hours before a game they’ll send you a link to buy a single ticket for that night’s game.
Prices are usually $70 for upper levels and $95 for lower levels.

These tickets are from their remaining inventory, and only allow you to buy a single seat within the app.

I am certain to use this app the next time I’m thinking of going to a game…hope to see you there!

NYCFC Season 3 – Tickets Available

NYCFC kicks off their third season on Sunday, following a season in which they finished second in the Eastern Conference, and had an off-season which saw the departure of Frank Lampard and (finally) Mix Diskerud.

But with a new season comes new promise, as 5’3″ Maxi Moralez takes Lampard’s DP slot, Sean Johnson takes up the role of keeper (with Eirik Johansen still fighting for the job), and a bunch of new kids trying to make a splash (including 16-year-old James Sands.

Also with a new season comes more opportunities to go to games! And while my previous two years posts resulted in zero sales, I’m throwing it out there again.

Section 228, Row 15 – Seats 21 & 22
Section 228, Row 17 – Seats 19, 20, 21, 22
Both sets of seats are located on the aisle, and under the overhang (on hot or rainy days). They are also located just one row apart from each other, so can be used for groups of 2, 4 or 6 people!

Contact me through Email or Twitter for pricing!

NYCFC Seats, Section 228, Row 15

Rangers Vs Capitals

Tuesday night, with a big thanks to EW, I went to Madison Square Garden to watch the Rangers, as they got thrashed by the Washington Capitals.

My seats were just a few rows behind the Rangers protected goal (for two periods) and it gave a great view of the game, watching Henrik Lundqvist make amazing saves, and as superstar Alex Ovechkin separated Jesper Fast’s shoulder.

Lundqvist - Rangers vs Capitals 2-28-17 Ovechkin - Rangers vs Capitals 2-28-17

The best part of any Rangers game is when they score, and although this goal was later overturned, it was great to be in the thick of it for the post-goal song/chant!

<Be sure to click HD for the best quality!!!>

With my crazy early work hours, it is tough for me to get out to night-time sporting events, so I enjoyed it even more, both being able to watch a full Rangers game and for being able to be there for it.

It’s been 20+ years since this team has had a decent PowerPlay, and it showed as the team struggled to set up in the zone time after time.
On the flip side, the Caps were able to park themselves in the zone and set up numerous shooting attempts on the Rangers Penalty Kill.
Besides for that, the team was literally falling all over the ice, and the injuries plaguing the team may keep them from making a Cup run this year.


During Sunday’s Daytona 500 I had to step away from the TV for a bit, so I decided to download and use the NASCAR mobile app…and I wasn’t disappointed.

The app is loaded with all sorts of cool features including:

  • Race Call – You can listen to the play-by-play and color commentary from NASCAR radio. I can’t even begin to understand how it works.
    Think about your regular NHL/NBA/NFL/MLB broadcast, where two or three people are standing side-by-side and pass along conversation back and forth.
    Here, it is multiple people in different locations around the track giving play-by-play of 40+ different teams at once, and handing off flawlessly, without using names on air (“tossing to one another”).
    It was truly something great to hear, and I plan to tune in again, possibly while watching the TV broadcast (although listening to Jeff Gordon give commentary is fantastic).
  • Car Audio – Tune in to any cars audio and hear the conversation between the crew and driver.
  • Sky Cam/Battle Cam – See the overall view from the race track, or the switched feed of racers battling for key positions.
  • Driver Cams – Certain drivers are highlighted and you can easily switch between their in-car cams.
  • “Crew Chief Mode” – This is the inside view of car specifics. You can see as the driver applies pressure to the throttle/break, their fastest speed/laps, as well as their current position.