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Springfield, Massachusetts has a grouping of five museums, all located around one central Dr. Seuss themed sculpture garden (more on that at a later date), with one entry that gets you into all of them. These five are:

  • Springfield Science Museum
  • Lyman and Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History
  • George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum
  • Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

I’ll start today with a quick peek into the first one, the Springfield Science Museum, which for reference is very similar to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, as seen in Night at the Museum:

  • R.E. Phelon African Hall – Ramps will guide you thru this two-story exhibit, which features many mounted animals
  • Dinosaur Hall – The life-size T-Rex is the main thing you’ll notice here, in what has become a go-to for most museums
  • Earth Hall – Minerals from around the world, as well as some that are local to the area
  • Solutia Live Animal Center – A little aquarium nestled into the museum, showing off some of the local animals, as well as creatures from around the world
  • Special Exhibits – This space was filled with the Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog exhibit, which is a “paws-on” experience for children
  • Seymour Planetarium – Take in a show exploring the universe in the oldest operating planetarium in the US

This is a great spot to start your trip around the five museums, and has a lot of things for all ages!

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