Because, aviously…

Google Trips is the perfect companion for your next trip, whether you know what you are going to be doing or just need some ideas.

The app is simple enough, add your location and dates, and the app starts to take care of the rest.

Once you have a location in place, there are a few things that pop up, and auto-populate, to help you out, some of them include:

  • Reservations – One of the cool parts of Google (which many find creepy, but I love) is that Google Trips will import things from your emails, such as hotel and plane reservations, and if it doesn’t pull it in, you can manually place the information yourself
  • Things To Do – This tab includes Top Spots, tailored spots just For You, Local Favorites, Landmarks, Kid Friendly, and many other “things to do”
  • Saved Places – When you place that little Star on a location in Google Maps and save it off, it’ll show up in this folder
  • Day Plans – This tab will group together items that are in a nearby area, and actually map out a walking path for you to hit them all up
  • Food & Drink – An overview of local cuisine, specialties, and nightlife, as well as some of the Top Spots, sorted by cuisine and costs
  • Getting Around – This is one of the cooler sections, especially in a foreign locale, with information on the airports, public transportation, taxis, walking, biking, and driving, With driving it’ll give you tips such as when traffic will be heavier, where and when you can park on the streets, and any odd restrictions that the city may have
  • Need To Know – These are the essentials that you need to know when going somewhere. Who do you call in case of emergency (911, 112, etc.), what hospitals are available to you, and if you need healthcare? What is the sales tax like, where are the best places to shop, what currency can you use, and how much is standard tips?
    And in a modern day twist, where can you find WiFi, or more importantly: Free WiFi hotspots.

The app is available on Android and iOS, and for more of everything that I just said, check out their shiny website!!

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