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Latest Coffee Wars

NYC is always full of food wars. From dueling prices in pizza stores to Pret opening wherever Fresh & Co. doesn’t.

But the latest war has been in coffee stores. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks go head-to-head with locations seemingly on every other block.
For example I have two Dunkin’s and three Starbucks’ all within two blocks of where I work.

But now the coffee war has headed to mobile devices.

For weeks Dunkin Donuts has been warning customers to “link their mobile cards to their account” so that when the new Dunkin app comes, the transition will be smooth.
And you can be sure that I got that pop-up when I opened my app this past Tuesday.

Why Tuesday? Well, that’s the day that Starbucks rolled out their updates…without needing users to download a new app or making sure to link anything, as the update was self contained.

Meanwhile the new Dunkin’ app tries to finally offer mobile ordering…except no locations in the city seem select-able in this feature…

So Dunkin can keep trying to catch up, but Starbucks got the upper hand yet again.
But in reality I’m not going to either store because of their app. I go for specific items (Donuts/Muffins at Dunkin, and Madeleines at the ‘Bux).

Sophie’s Bistro Lounge – Meat – Review by Zalmy Silver

Previously I’ve written about Sophie’s Bistro launching their meat restaurant, and now Zalmy Silver, of Facebook fame, has allowed me to share his Facebook review of the restaurant here on my page.

I wanted to share how awesome and how needed this place is because I checked out this place last week during soft opening and was impressed.

For years, if you wanted “meat” for dinner, you had two choices. Fast food, or pay thru the nose at a more upscale place. The only in-between was really Mabat, which is still pricy-ish, and Olympic Pita, which isn’t the same menu…but now, there’s Sophie’s Grill, and it’s right in that sweet spot between “fancy” and “casual”. Thank God for that!

Sadly for me they were out of musaka (seriously! Where else can I get that because I’ve never seen it anywhere and it’s my fave thing), but we did have some impressively large burgers, and great steaks, (including the filet) all at a crazy low price, with waiter service served on china etc. Wings were great (said 5 on menu but was ten), fries done right, and a big fat shwarma. The star of the show was their fresh homemade chumus- literally the best chumus I’ve ever had…served <with> a nice warm lafah. Yum

I’m sure their grand opening will be a success, plus the owners are two of the nicest people I know.

Just a few notes of constructive criticism (that’s what a “soft opening” is for, right?), every main dish came with the same exact sides – maybe offer some varieties? And also, “fajitas” are supposed to be a “DIY” venture- a skillet with sliced meat, veggies, and served with a wrap or two. All I got was a whole piece of meat, like a steak. I told them what a fajita was supposed to be and they brought me a wrap, but I don’t think they caught on lol. Also the “lamb shank” was just 3 lamb chops…Oh well. Still good.

Anyways, good luck to them and I think this place will be a huge success! Check out that menu– I’ve never seen steaks in a sitdown place for this cheap, and they were very good too.

Sophie Bistro 1 Sophies Bistro 2 Sophies Bistro 3 Sophies Bistro Chummus Sophies Bistro Steak Sophies Bistro Wings

Sophie’s Bistro Meat Restaurant

Sophie’s Bistro, on Coney Island Avenue between Avenues O & P, has for years been a dairy establishment, and now they’ve expanded into the store next door and opened up a meat restaurant (both Kosher of course).

Yesterday was the first day that the new store was open for business (in what may just be a soft open, as they are still ironing out some kinks), and the place is loaded with potential.

With the same simple elegant look of the dairy place, the meat store has booths along the sides to sit in and when they are fully up and running will have a bar including drinks on tap.

I kept it simple for opening day and just enjoyed a burger and fries, which both faced the expected scrutiny of Sophie, to make sure the product going out would be top notch.

The menu is straightforward, and the prices are competitive and won’t break the bank.

Sophie Bistro Meat Menu

Sophie’s Bistro Meat Restaurant Soft Launch Menu

I’ll definitely be adding this place to my regular list of places to eat, and Sophie’s Bistro can now be my answer of “Where do you want to go?” before I need to decide if I want meat or dairy!

Breadsmith Opens In Brooklyn – Review

A few months ago I wrote about the upcoming opening of Breadsmith in Brooklyn.

Well, yesterday was the day of their Grand Opening, and I swung by in the afternoon to give the place a look and see if they lived up to my extremely high expectations (thank you South Bend Breadsmith for setting them that high).

Here is a review of some of the products I bought, as well as their “price list/daily specials”.


With most of their bread products, they sell a “loaf” and “roll” versions, which will let you taste them for a lot cheaper without investing in an expensive loaf of something you are uncertain of.

Country White – This bread had a “sweet” taste to it. Because of this it is probably best used for French Toast. And it also toasts well (an even brown, while others (due to denseness) don’t toast as well). — 2.5 out of 5

Italian – This bread is very airy (see “French” below) and is a really good sandwich bread (hello Peanut Butter sandwiches for breakfast). It has a slight salty tinge to it, which adds nicely to the taste. — 3.5 out of 5

French – This bread uses a very similar recipe as Italian but is much denser. The denseness is a lot nicer (and tastier) in the roll form.  — 3.5 out of 5


As you can see from the list at the bottom, they have a wide range of pastries, but I chose to stick to cookies for yesterday.

Sugar Cookie – The ones that I got seemed to be under-baked. I can only hope that was a mistake, and not the way they are supposed to be, as it didn’t taste good because of that. — 2 out of 5

Chocolate Sugar Cookie – By far the best thing I ate from Breadsmith, and probably the best thing I’ve eaten this week. If the regular version tastes like this when baked properly, they’ve got a good thing going. The right amount of chocolate in the cookie made for a great taste, mixed with the sugar-sweetness, and it was an amazing combination. — 4.75 out of 5


Overall they the store looked really nice, their products looked really good as well.
I personally stayed away from the really fancy stuff for Day 1, wanting to try out their base (and daily) products first, figuring that if you can’t do your staples well, you probably won’t make it.
Be sure to pick up a BREAD CARD while you are there, as every 12 loaves you buy, you get one free.
While their Challahs are fairly expensive, and I know we won’t be getting (since all of us wouldn’t eat from it), but families who need a few challahs, that buy 12 get 1 will work out nicely for them.
OVERALL – 3.5 out of 5 for their Opening Rating.

Daily Breads, Sweets & Specialties, and Monday/Tuesday specials.

Daily Breads, Sweets & Specialties, and Monday/Tuesday specials.

Breadsmith List Back

Specials for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday (Friday top right, not labeled).

General Mills Branches Out

General Mills introduced ~150 new products on Monday, including a lot of interesting options.

Such as a new array of Gluten-free options and lots of Proteins.

Among these are all-new high-protein Cheerios and Nature Valley bars.

The Cheerios include a Cheerios Protein Oats & Honey…but the one I look forward to the most is the Cheerios Protein Cinnamon and Almonds – SOUNDS AMAZING!!!

Not to mention all new Gluten-Free mixes under the Betty Crocker umbrella.

Now let’s just hope it’s Kosher…

Breadsmith Coming to Brooklyn

Whenever I visit my sister in South Bend, Indiana, one of the places I love going to there is Breadsmith.

Breadsmith is an “Artisan Bread Bakery” that has amazing breads, as well as ‘desserts’, such as cookies and brownies.

When I went down last February to the D.C. and Maryland areas, I was happy to find a Kosher Breadsmith located there, and made a stop to load up before my drive back to Brooklyn.

Well, I no longer need to go travel in order to get to a Breadsmith.

Breadsmith is opening in Brooklyn!!!!!!!

The location will be on Avenue M and East 18th, and while the website still says “Coming Soon”, and doesn’t yet have the ‘dietary information’, such as if the store will be Kosher…one has to assume that based on the location, it would have to be Kosher.

I’m sure now that I have one near me, it will quickly lose its thrill…but I hope it doesn’t, and I hope I don’t get fat…