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Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust #Review

Sarah Silverman is back from surgery and she hasn’t lost her touch in a new Netflix special, which has become a staple for the online streamer (See: Hasan Minaj and Amy Schumer).

One second you’re a speck of dust floating through space. You’re nothing. The next, I want my face on money.

A Speck of Dust is Sarah’s return to the top of the comedic table. She has been up and down on the ‘funny scale’ over the years, but her delivery and suspense is hard to beat, and the punchlines genuinely get laughs from the audience in Los Angeles.

Put a pin in that for a second.

Ever since Wreck-It Ralph I just hear her as Vanellope Von Schweetz, and Vanellope can bring me dirty humor any day of the week.

This special gets an 8.5 out of 10.