Because, aviously…

Once in a while I go biking around Brooklyn.

The hardest part is riding on the East/West Avenues, as their is no real space on those streets for cars + bikes.

As such, I’ve started to ride on the bike paths of Ocean Parkway. They have lots of room for bikes, on a designated bike path.

As such, you would think that other people would stay off these paths. But nope.

The best is when you have the jogger moms with their carriages, walking three wide on the path, chatting away. Oblivious to the bikes around them, trying to get by.

These are the same people, that if a biker was riding on the sidewalk of some other street, they would scream at them for riding dangerously.

If you want bikes to stay off the walking paths…then it is time for walkers to stay off the bike paths.

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