Because, aviously…

It was the first Monday in May, 2014, and I’d just had a bad experience at the Apple store, and needed a place to vent about it. And vent I did. And then I spoke about race…and morality…and Boko Haram…and Shakira…and how to fix NYC. And that was just the first week of “Avi’s Travels”.

Over time Avis became a nickname, and me traveling through my mind and thoughts became a topic for me to write about, as I wrote every single weekday, taking off for holidays or vacations.

And exactly halfway between that launch day and today (2 years ago tomorrow), it became “Aviously”, and now I’ve reached post number 1,000.

I have struggled at times to want to write, and want to continue, and every time I’ve dragged myself to the keyboard and found something, sometimes things completely mundane, to write about.

I definitely haven’t done it for the readers and “hits”, because those numbers are incredibly low…as are comments and likes and all the other fun stuff that the Instagram Millenials like to crave.

The posts that have gotten the most hits have unfortunately been ones that people end up on after looking up deaths and remembrances…like the three friends I’ve lost over the last few years (here, here, and here).

If it were up to me, people would come and give their thoughts on my TV Reviews, especially my focus on originals from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Or they would come in for my original intent, travels…although I never went anywhere when this all started…but since then I’ve had a lot of fun going through Virginia (and the highly recommended National Museum of the Marine Corps), over the border to Niagara, along the really snowy streets of Boston, or of course to the best place I’ve visited so far: San Diego.

And of course, there’s the thing that started it all, April 15, 2013, over a year before the website started: Song of the Day.
It was the daily thing I did before this site, posting a song of my choice every single day on social media for almost two years…from Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People to Nobody Love by Tori Kelly…over 300 different songs.
And on here it has turned into occasional posts under the “SOTD” headings…and my yearly Song of the Year lists, for five years now, with usually a Top 10 list, expanding to the Top 20 in 2017, all from my own favorites.

This week I’ve been feeling like I want to give it all up again, and I never know when I’ll just wake up and say I don’t want to write on here anymore…but for today you’ve got me! And spoiler: You have a new #AvisTravels coming up in June, in the form of a road trip!

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