Because, aviously…

Continuing the theme from yesterday, in which I continue to place Twitter on a pedestal over Facebook.

There are a lot of great uses for Twitter, that  Facebook doesn’t always offer you.

Facebook is slowly catching up with Hashtags and the Facebook Newswire, but when push comes to shove, Twitter is the place to go for breaking news and fast moving actions (such as the NHL trade deadline, which this year was an incredible day to be following along on Twitter).

It’s as simple as using the search bar on Twitter and putting in the topic at hand, and once you see a bunch of tweets all sharing a common hashtag, just click on that hashtag, and enjoy keeping up 🙂 Also, you can go straight to the Twitter searches, by going to search.twitter.com.

Another thing I use it for is updates on games and apps. Most developers and companies have a Twitter account, and are eager to keep their followers up to date on what they are doing.

One of the recent uses I had for it is when Sim City updated to allow the much waited for “Offline Mode”. With them keeping us up to date on it, and letting us know when it was released, it left the wondering out of it, which is always nice.

And lastly for today is Customer Service.

Customer service on Twitter is amazing, and almost instantaneous. Complain and mention a company, and they will be sure to respond.

On the flip side, compliment a company, and they’ll usually respond as well.

My recent experiences with Saddleback Leather (@SaddlebackHelp) have resulted in great customer service, and a very happy customer.

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