Because, aviously…

So a new show launched last night on FOX called “Riot”.

Based off an Australian Television Series, and hosted by an Australian, Rove McManus, this show features a bunch of short improv games, with the sole purpose of getting the viewers to laugh.

As a giant fan of Whose Line Is It Anyways? I figured this show would be a similar laugh fest, especially since it was advertised with stars such as Steve Carell and Jason Alexander.

But unfortunately, week one was a dud.

While there were some funny moments, it seems too silly and like they are trying too hard to make us laugh, instead of just going with what feels right and letting the laughs come naturally.

The potential is high for this show, but the delivery is just plain flat.

I’ll come back for Episode 2, just to see if they can improve, but they are off to a bad start.

And it is definitely not a Riot.

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