Because, aviously…

It’s been over a year and a 150+ songs later, but #SongOfTheDay has become a part of who I am.

It originally started as a private joke between me and a friend in late 2012, in which every email between us, we’d be sure to include a song lyric and a song in it, and we went through 288 songs in that few week exchange (yes, we counted).

At the same time, I’ve come to realize that it really started in January of 2011, when in the winter break, I spent 30 days sending a friend of mine 30 different songs, and we’d turn those into our song of the night.

April 15, 2013 I started my official #SongOfTheDay hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, with Foster the People’s, Pumped Up Kicks and haven’t really looked back.

Five days a week, until I hit 100 songs in early September at which point I took a break.

The break was needed simply because it is difficult to find a good song every day, without repeating artists.

But I am back at it now, for about a month already, and not worrying anymore about repeating artists or songs, but more about just putting out what I feel.

There have been arguments over some of the choices, when people don’t agree with songs I pick.

But quite frankly, that doesn’t matter, as they are purely my choice, and my freedom to pick whatever I feel. And I’ve always told those people to go make their own #SongOfTheDay’s…and I can say with certainty that only one person has actually done that (not because of disagreements with my songs, but more that they liked the idea and wanted to choose songs that they enjoyed).

As with most things in my life, it hasn’t bothered me when people rip into my songs, because I know that I do the #SongOfTheDay because I like to do it, regardless of who sees it.

If it bothered me how many people see or care about the things I do, I would’ve stopped Tweeting (Up to ~175 followers in almost four years) and definitely would’ve stopped blogging (average of 2 viewers per day, over a few different blogs…I am clearly not a draw, lol).

Anyways, while anyone actually reading this, probably already follows me on Twitter (@iAmAviG), you can look there for my daily #SongOfTheDay, or just use this link if you want the songs, and none of the other junk I tweet!

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