Because, aviously…

Over the weekend I got a chance to try out Google Glass for the first time, and overall: It has got potential but unusable as is.

Full-er review below.



Due to the nature of these glasses, they need to be X-far away from the eye. Not closer, and not further.

So when I’d put them on over my actual glasses, they were too far away, and not view-able.

On the flip side, if I took off my actual glasses, and put on only the Google Glass, I could see the screen perfectly…but not read anything since my glasses were off.


As a user of Google Now for a long while, I expected Glass to work similarly. And it did.

With the exception of speed, in which these ran really slow, which I put on the fact that these were running original software, and not an updated version of Now.


The main uses of Glass are Calls, Text/Emails, Maps, and of course the Camera for photos/videos.

There is also a touch pad on the side of the frame, to use to swipe through menus and select items on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it has a lot of potential.

I think its biggest use would be for Bike Riders.

Having a place to keep your maps, within eye site, while leaving your hands free, is a great use of Glass.

Maybe as they integrate it more into actual prescription glasses, and narrow down the frame, it will start to get viewed as a more practical device.

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