Because, aviously…

While Facebook uses a system of showing other people things on your wall, your own thoughts, or other peoples shared thoughts, Twitter offers a different view on things…one that I think most people don’t understand, and use very incorrectly.

Twitter offers two options on every Tweet you view: Retweet or Favorite.

Retweet (further known as ‘RT’) is a sharing function, which takes whatever you see, and shares it with everyone that follows you.

Favorite is a bookmark feature, saving a message for your viewing only.

Sure, other people can look through your Favorites, but they won’t see them, unless they look for them.

Because of this, when someone sees a tweet they find interesting, or think others might find interesting, they should be “RT”ing it, and sharing it with those that follow them.

If you see something that you may want to look back on in the future (things such as milestones {first tweet}, celebs/verified tweets @ you, customer service information, etc.), these should be “Favorited”.

Sure, there is no “User Guide” for Social Media, and things can’t really be used “incorrectly”, but this is one feature that people should reconsider how they use.

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