Because, aviously…


Bear Mountain

This past Sunday, for the second consecutive year, I headed up to Bear Mountain for another adventure in #AvisTravels.

We headed out early, leaving Brooklyn around 8AM, beating traffic out of NYC and making great timing up to Bear Mountain.

The weather couldn’t’ve been better. If you were to plan a day out, this was the weather for it. Mid-70s, no strong winds, no rain in sight…

We took off on the Appalachian Trail starting out at the Bear Mountain Inn, heading North.

Our first stop was at the Trailside Museums and Zoo, which is a rehabilitation zoo. Most of the animals there have suffered injuries of some sort, whether naturally or from vehicular accidents, and they are on the mend. The animals with long term injuries are made comfortable and given enclosures.

After that we headed towards Fort Clinton, a fort that we lost during the revolutionary war, and then hiked under the Bear Mountain Bridge and across the Popolopen Creek to Fort Hamilton.

At Fort Hamilton we discovered another parking lot, which would’ve been nice, had we realized before, so that lunch could’ve been planned better…but their is always next year for that 🙂

After a hike back, we ate lunch on the grass, before heading back to Brooklyn, beating traffic back in that direction as well.

Total hiking was only about 2.5 miles, but most of it was hills and rocky areas, which takes time and effort.

All-in-all, it was a pretty good day!


Popolopen Creek

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