Because, aviously…

In my room I have a nice little collection of sports memorabilia as well as knickknacks and collectibles from different places I’ve visited.

 And now…to break it all down:

In 1 pucks-balls - Copy

A – Puck from the 1994 New York Rangers Stanley Cup run (Signed by UNKNOWN)

B, C & E – Pucks from random Rangers games I’ve been to, generally fresh off the ice

D – Commemorative puck from the Rangers vs. Devils 2014 Stadium Series

F – Official Jackie Robinson signed baseball

G – Joe Torre Hall-of-Fame 2014 signed baseball

H – Explained below

I – Tennis ball from the 2012 U.S. Open

‘H’ explained:

In 2 - Ball - CopyMy High School English teacher, Ed Caston, used to take us yearly to a Yankees game, usually in June, as the school season ended. While we have actually continued this tradition (most years) since HS ended, he gave me this ball, that he had caught at Yankees stadium, as a graduation present.

Inscribed – ‘Avi: It took “56” years to get this!!! Good luck, Caston’ and the date he caught it is on the other side.

The Bobbleheads:

In 3 - BobblesFrom left to right:
Jose Reyes – From 2K Sports, the year he was featured as their cover player, they were giving these away as a mail-in offer.

CC Sabathia and Ichiro Suzuki – Both acquired in 2014 from Yankees Universe

The Cap:

In 4 - Cap - CopySigned and personalized Tony Stewart cap.

Inscribed: “To Avi. Tony Stewart”

Story behind the cap: I wore a Tony Stewart cap to work, and Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell saw me wearing it, and Tweeted it out. Tony’s manager, Eddie Jarvis, saw the tweet, and sent this cap to Dagen, to pass along to me.

Knickknacks and Collectibles:

In 5 - Knickknacks - Copy

A – Keychain from Indiana, with a map of the state, with a few key locations singled out, with little icons.

B – Mini Metal Eiffel Tower – My Dad used to have an employee, named Joe, that was a retired Flight Attendant for Delta(?) Airlines, and he bought me back this from one of his many travels.

C – Dean’s List pin from Brooklyn College, given upon graduation, for having been on the Dean’s List 4+ times.

D – Keychain from the San Diego Zoo, brought back by Cheryl Geliebter and Ruchy Travis (nee Solomon).

E – Lapel Pin from the 9/11 Memorial

F – Keychain from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana

G – Spinning keychain from Chicago

H – ‘A’ keychain from Philadelphia, with a few pics on it of the history of that city

I – Top down view of a Lego man, that “looks like me”, holding a shovel brought back from the aforementioned San Diego trip, while I was stuck here shoveling snow

J – Bronz Zoo lapel pin

K & L – These are both ‘coins’ which are commonly traded amongst law-enforcement officers, based on their divisions. They are from the (K) Department of Investigations for the City of New York and from (L) OCID – Organized Crime Investigation Division, which runs under the DOI

M – Lapel Pin with the City Seal of South Bend, Indiana

N – A Chase Bank ‘Pig'(gy bank)

O – New York Rangers Lapel Pin

P – Another memento brought back by Joe, this one from Israel. The Hebrew on it says: “Rishon LeZion” which is a city in Israel

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